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I'm Horrible At Follow-Through

On my laptop I currently have 20 unfinished fanfic's, some of which I started 3 years ago. One of which is a domesticated Ten/Rose fic. Yes, I actually wanted a domesticated Doctor at one point.
It's very rare that I am not writing. I carry notebooks with me just to jot things down. I have scores of college ruled notebooks full of old BTVS/Angel fic that are unfinished.

I'm horrible at follow-through. Horrible! My problem is that my thoughts are so dang scattered that before I even get a 1/4 of the way through a planned fic, I stop and start writing something else. This scattered brain syndrome prevents me from writing anything decent at all because my POV's are all over the place. Even drabble's give me problems because of this, which is just all kinds of ridiculous because it's just a damn drabble.

Really you should have an actual conversation with me, I'm all over the place and can change the subject before you know what's happening.

Maybe I should take some community college course just for the hell of it. Maybe it would give me something to do when I'm laid off for the winter.

Anyone have any advice or maybe even...ooh look a rabbit.

Lorem Ipsum - Fanmix

Fanmix for courtney_beth's BigBangBigBang

Fanmix Download

Track Listing:
1) Something In The Water-The Jealous Girlfriends
2) Voice-Rev Theory
3) Bite My Tongue-The Benjy Davis Project
4) Paranoid-Jonas Brothers
5) Short People-Randy Newman
6) James Bond-Scouting For Girls
7) Fool The World-Drake Bell
8) Secrets-One Republic
9) Wake Me Up Before You Go Go-Wham!
10)Hard Lesson- Jay Nash
There are also two bonus tracks.

(also I apologize for "Voices" not having the cover or album like the other tracks. It just would not change for some odd reason.)


my first picspam

My first picspam. This is for Paradox-o-rama. Go Team Blossoms!



Another Drabble for Paradox-O-Rama

Go Team Blossoms
Title: A Typical Day
Author: SA_4_Geeks/Shelley
Rating/Warnings: future fic
Word Count: 514

It was a typical Tuesday morning in the Cooper house.

Illana, the oldest of the Cooper clan, had locked herself in the only bathroom when she saw a zit on her chin. This left her 12-year-old brother standing outside in the hall, pounding on the door. “Lana, let me in I have to pee.”

“Go away Quinton, I am having a crisis in here.” She yelled back at him.

Their father walked down the hallway to where they were. “Illana let your brother in. We have bathroom schedules in this house for a reason.”

The door opened slightly, “But daddy, I have a zit. A huge zit and I was going to ask Trent Forber to the girl’s choice dance.” This of course was a huge deal to a 14-year-old girl.

“Need I remind you young lady that you did sign a contract at the last family meeting?”

“Daddy, you are ruining my life, ugh.” She said dramatically and stormed off.

Sheldon just stood there remembering how Missy used to overreact in the same way. Just then two flashes of red sped by him. He sighed heavily and walked to a door where he found his wife of 15 years struggling with their four-year-old, who had recently decided that clothes just were not her thing.

“Melinda and Evan are at it again.” He told her.

Penny looked up at him and growled, “Fine, you negotiate with Abby and I’ll get them.” Abby took the opportunity to slip from her mother’s grip and run out into the hall, naked as the day she was born. Sheldon began to chase the laughing little girl as Penny headed off to find her little superheroes.

“You two are not wearing your Flash costumes to school.” She said when she caught them in the backyard jumping on the trampoline.  Since their father had picked out their Flash costumes for Halloween the twins had become very attached them.

“But mommy,” Melinda began. “We want to be superheroes.”

Penny made her way over to the twins, who had since stopped jumping on the trampoline.  “Superheroes don’t always wear their superhero clothes. Wally West doesn’t.”

“Who’s that?” Evan asked.

“He is The Flash and that is about all mommy knows about him.” She smiled at them. “Look you two can be superheroes all you want at home, but at school you have to wear your everyday clothes.”

Both Nine-year-olds considered this for a moment, looked at each other and then nodded.

“Okay mommy.” They said in unison. As Penny helped them down from the trampoline, she turned and saw Sheldon holding a fully dressed Abigail.

“I’m impressed.” He smiled at her.

“Impressed your wife knows who Wally West is?” she walked up to him.

“A little surprised too.”

“Hey, this girl has picked up a thing or two over the years.” She gave him a small peck on the cheek and then gave one to Abby. “One thing I haven’t picked up is how you got this one dressed so fast.”

“Oh Penny, a superhero doesn’t reveal his secrets.” He smirked at her.




Drabble picture prompt for Paradox-O-Rama

Title: Tomato Soup and Grilled Cheese
Author: Shelley
Word Count: 366

Leonard, Raj and Howard openly stared at Penny and Sheldon as they ate.
Penny had fixed them a lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup, “It’s all I have to offer, take it or leave it.” She had told them.

Not being those types to turn down free food they happily accepted. They had all taken their food over to Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment to eat around the table. Once settled though something very strange began to happen. Sheldon and Penny began dipping their grilled cheese sandwiches into their tomato soup.

This was something very new for the boys; they had never seen a person dip a sandwich into their soup. Even stranger is that they seemed to be doing it at the same time.
Dip and eat.

Dip and eat.

Sip of soup.

Bite of grilled cheese.

Dip and eat.

Dip and eat.

Raj whispered something in Howard's ear.
“No, I don’t think they were somehow separated at birth.” Howard answered.

Finally, Penny looked up, “What?” she asked with a mouthful of food.
The guy’s just bent their heads towards their food and began to pretend as if they hadn’t been watching.

“Don’t pretend like you haven’t been watching Penny and I eat our soup and sandwich the same way?” Sheldon said without even looking up.

“It’s just weird,dipping your sandwich into your soup.” Howard said.

“No, you gotta try it.” Penny told him. “It really is good; my dad is the one who started me on this combination when I was little.”

“Penny turned me onto it when I had been fired by Dr. Gabelhauser last year.” Sheldon told them, he turned suddenly to Penny. “Sunday lunch should be grilled cheese and tomato soup from now on.” He said it as if he had just made some great discovery.

Penny smiled widely at him, “If I’m not working, then it will be.”

Leonard and Howard shook their heads in disgust. Raj decided to try it though and upon a tentative first try, he smiled and gave Penny a thumbs up.

Sheldon and Penny shared a smile and both had gleams in their eyes as if they were going to make grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup a worldwide phenomenon.

Sometimes the simplest dinner is the best

Tonight we had pan seared chicken. I was going to add fresh rosemary, garlic, and thyme. Then serve it over a bed of jasmine rice. Then my laziness kept me in the house and I didn't go over to my store to get said herbs.
Instead I just added 1 can of mushroom soup, and a half of a can of creme of celery to the pan. Popped open a can of creamed corn to go with it.
Bam, we have dinner.
My lazy dinner wound up being the best thing I have made in a while.

Second Chances Aren't Always A Good Thing

I really tried to re-watch Big Bang Theory again. It's something I like to do after an episode has disappointed me. Give it a second chance and then maybe I'll like it better.
I just couldn't, especially knowing what was coming.
RantCollapse )


Over a year?

It's been over a year since I updated anything in this journal. Mostly because I have a boring life in a small town and because I get sucked into communities on LJ, and forget about posting to my own journal.

I realized the other day that I have had this account for six years. Good grief Charlie Brown. It was my LOTR RPS love that got me into LJ in the first place. Then came my Doctor Who love. BTW, I am </b>loving</b> Matt Smith as the Doctor. My Harry Potter fandom always in the background of those two. Then to more recently with my love of the Big Bang Theory, specifically Sheldon/Penny.

Also, I'd like to say to those new people that I have met in the past few months at sheldon_penny, you all are an amazing group of girls.

edited because I am clearly an idiot trying to do html in rich text.


Writer's Block: Chatty

Do you prefer texting or talking on the phone?
It honestly depends on my mood.


Went to Orlando today for Mega Con, it's been 2 years since I last went. It was a blast. First thing I did was meet Gareth-David Lloyd, Lanto from Torchwood. He was so good looking in person, and just looked different in a pair of jeans and t-shirt. I got my picture taken with him and when he stood I realized he is a lot shorter than I thought.
Did I mention how good looking he is?